Angelica Jones Bakeshop Inc.
Address: Ground floor Main Mall
Business Description: Breads, pastries and customized cake
Phone Number: 5148239
Address: Ground Floor, Main Mall
Business Description: World famous Rice cake
Phone Number: 0926-6822491
Bo’s Coffee
Business Description: Local brewed coffee and pastries
Phone Number: (032) 236-7298
Bubble Tea Station
Address: Ground Floor, Alfresco 1, Main Mall
Business Description: Homegrown brand serving milk teas, fruit teas and specialty items
Burrow Lounge
Address: Second floor, Alfresco 4
Business Description: Unlimited chicken wings
Phone Number: (032) 255-4435
Casa Verde
Address: Ground Floor, Enclave Building (across Main Mall)
Business Description: Home of Cebu’s famous Brian’s Ribs
Phone Number: (032) 233 8885
Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly
Address: Ground floor , Alfresco 3
Category: ,
Business Description: Boneless roasted pig
Phone Number: (032) 514-6788
Chicken Deli
Address: Ground Floor, Alfresco 3, Main Mall
Business Description: Barbecue fast food resto specializing in grilled chicken
Phone Number: (032) 261-3198
Address: Ground Floor, Enclave area
Business Description: Classic Cebuano cuisine
Phone Number: (032) 420-9221
Choobi Choobi
Address: Enclave Area
Business Description: Seafood restaurant
Phone Number: (032) 422-8686