International Tastes

//International Tastes

International Tastes

Darkwing Pizza
Business Description: Fast Food Favorittes
Phone Number: 032-324-9199/ 0917-142-9199
Dong Juan
Address: Ground Floor, Alfresco 2
Business Description: Burgers and prime rib dishes
Phone Number: (032) 344-5826
Mexi Mama
Address: Second Floor, West Strip
Business Description: Latin American Restaurant


Phone Number: 0939 967 3868
Mooon Café
Address: Enclave Area
Business Description: Mexican-inspired cuisine
Phone Number: (032) 505-3965
Pizza Hut
Address: Ground Floor , Alfresco 2
Business Description: home to the country’s Pinaka – pizza,
Phone Number: (032) 266-0302
Slate District
Address: Ground Floor, Alfresco 4
Business Description: The ultimate comfort food with a unique twist.
Phone Number: 0942-0128379
Tandoori Persian Kebab
Address: Ground Floor, Alfresco 3
Business Description: Persian cuisine and delicacies
Phone Number: (032) 420-9011

Contact Info

Ouano Ave., North Reclamation Area, Mandaue Cebu City

Phone: 032.345.5153