MANDAUE CITY, Cebu — Parkmall, the leader of innovative and revolutionized mall experience, reaches a milestone as it commemorates 10 years of pioneering Cebu’s mall-wide dance fitness events this month of September. Since 2008, Parkmall has created a venue for the community who have common goals in their active lifestyles. As a part of their celebration, they recently launched Fitness Flashback – an online throwback photo contest. Three winners will be selected as “Best Throwback Photo” and will receive cash prizes. The contest runs on Parkmall’s Facebook page from September 24 to September 29.

The Parkmall Fitness initiative was a result of a conscious and deliberate effort. It started small, having quick aerobics sessions and opening the gates at 6 a.m. for early morning Sunday fitness sessions. Later, Parkmall realized the need to pioneer dance fitness sessions to cater to the needs of mall visitors who have an active lifestyle. Parkmall Fitness started in 2008 with their first fitness coach Josephine “Jo” Teria doing only one session per week. Over the years, as more and more people joined the fitness community, the program thrived and fitness sessions increased five times a week. Parkmall also continuously adapts to the current needs and trends of the fitness community, offering various activities spearheaded by professional fitness coaches. Every coach had a different style and approach that created crowd favorites and followings. It became fun and festive that friends bonded over fitness sessions, some people even had their favorite spots.

However, since the nationwide lockdown last March due to the global threat of COVID-19, it has brought many significant changes to active lifestyles as on-site crowd gatherings were no longer allowed. Amidst this challenge, Parkmall stayed true to its commitment to continuously establish its presence in the community as the Dance Fitness Center of Cebu. It promptly adapted to change—shifting from on-site sessions to bringing the fitness community online through the Parkmall Fitness Community Facebook Group. Parkmall’s Facebook Page also offers free virtual fitness sessions through live videos.

Yael Sacris-Torrejos, Mall Manager, shares her thoughts about the milestone, “Dance Fitness is our contribution to the health and well-being of the community. We simply wanted our visitors to enjoy the best of worlds: leisure, nature, and fitness. When we learn to value what our customers value, our activities along with its advocacies create ripples of change, for better lives, that sometimes forge unexpected friendships for a lifetime. Amidst the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and the changing times, our team is all the more inspired and motivated to do better for our fitness community.”

Parkmall boasts of a thriving fitness community. It has hosted many different fitness events year after year since its kick-off last 2010. They constantly offered an array of activities that promote an active and healthy lifestyle, from back-to-back dance fitness sessions and competitions such as the Fitness Race (inspired by The Amazing Race), Fitness Costume Competition, Lose to Win, and many more.

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