Ring Christmas Bells! 

Parkmall Lights Up the Sky with A Symbol of Hope

Mandaue City, Cebu — As the breeze gently blew through the night last October 21 at 6 P.M., the Parkmall family together with the community, warmly welcomed the holiday season much earlier through the annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony. 

Parkmall celebrated its 12th year anniversary this year. As a part of its celebration, the annual Christmas Lighting ceremony was held a month earlier to ignite a symbol of hope.

Parkmall’s President and General Manager, Mr. Nealson Co, gave a heartfelt speech, “As we celebrate Christmas and light up the tree, may we appreciate the beauty of the light it illuminates. May it remind us that hope is a powerful force in our lives. Hope highlights the victories we’ve won. Hope accentuates our courage to move forward. May we all be resilient and become a beacon of hope to our families and to everyone that surrounds us.”

The ceremony gave thanks to its stakeholders, employees, tenants, fitness and pet communities for serving and uniting the Cebuanos for their love of culture and leisure. The event also acknowledged and appreciated the sacrifices and services of the healthcare frontliners during this time of pandemic.

The event was well attended and applauded by the management, its employees, its partners, and the public. 

Parkmall’s Christmas Tree now shines brighter despite the challenging times. And may its light spread love, spark joy, and spread hope. 

Merry, Merry, Christmas!