Parkmall stays true to being a Cebuano community mall by organizing an event that will be participated by various communities from Artists, Toy Collectors, Musicians, Cosplayers, to Bookworms. The Hobbyverse 2019 will be a 3-day event that gives hobbyists and collectors a chance to share their passion and showcase their collections. Watch out for these exciting activities on July 19-21:

Hobbyverse Exhibit

Experience the World of Hobbyists on July 19-21 as they share their passion and showcase their collections at the different corners of the Hobbyverse Exhibit:

Art Galaxy

A corner for calligraphy, digital and doodle art, creative crafts, and more.

Planet Toys

An exhibit of limited edition figurines, vintage, and collectible toys ranging from cars to robots.

Comic Station

Everyone’s little world of comics and anime comes to life in this station.

Big Bang Music

A gathering of musicians showcasing their vintage vinyl records and other instruments.

Book Satellite

Get the best deals of your favorite books and get a chance to swap from fellow bookworms.

Tamiya Racing

Witness a grand display of Tamiya Racing Cars and see them in action on July 20-21 as we hold the annual Let’s Go! Cebu Tamiya Race with over Php15,000 cash prize to be won!

Hobbyverse Cosplay Competition

In partnership with Cebu Cosplayers Guild, we bring you Hobbyverse 2019 Cosplay Competition. Dress your best costumes and join in the cosplay fever this July 21 as we blast off to a galaxy of FUN!

See and interact with different groups and artists showcasing their passion and collections! Let us all gather on July 19-21 and enjoy a weekend galaxy of fun! 🌠