Hilig ba kang musayaw? Then this one’s for you!  Ipasikat imung dancing skills by joining the Parkmall Jingle Dance Competition and get the chance to win Php10,000!  Read on for the full details! 


>With a group of 5-10 members, create your own interpretation and choreography to Parkmall’s new dance jingle, and record a video of yourselves performing your own dance routine. Download Parkmall’s New Dance Jingle here: https://goo.gl/tD9e2q

>To submit your entry, fill up the Google Form here:http://bit.ly/ParkmallJingleDanceCompetition

>Registration is completely FREE!  You will receive an email from us within two days of entry submission to confirm your registration.

>All qualified entries will be uploaded on the Parkmall Facebook page on June 23 for the online voting until June 29, 2018. Posts with the most Likes  & Love  reactions will get the chance to be in the Top 5 and instantly win Php2,000!*
The Top 5 groups will be announced on June 30 and will perform during the Grand Finals Night on July 7, 2018 at Parkmall.



>The competition is open to both professional and amateur dance groups each with a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 members who are residents of Cebu province and of any gender. All participants must be at least 16 years old to qualify.

>Groups must be original and creative with their choreography based on their interpretation of the Parkmall Better Dance Jingle. All participants are strongly encouraged to be entertaining by adding silly dance moves in their performances. Dance choreographies may be of any style and may compose of stunts and gymnastics, depending on the group’s creativity.

>Groups are not allowed to remix and/or change anything about the Parkmall Better Dance Jingle. They may, however, add a short introduction for their video entries but must ensure that no music will overlap the jingle. Any music used for the short introduction must not be subject to copyright.

>Registrants may choose to submit their entry by attaching the file, or providing the link to their uploaded video on either Facebook or Youtube. Videos uploaded on said platforms must be made public and viewable. Files uploaded on the Google Form must be less than 1GB in size. All groups must completely fill in the registration form in order for their entries to be valid.

>Participating groups are free to express themselves through their costumes and props but must not have lewd clothing or gestures both on the video and on-stage. All costumes and props will be provided by the participants and must be cleared from the stage right after the group’s performance during the Grand Finals Night.

>Video entries may be taken using any camera, including that of smartphones, and may be edited depending on the groups’ creativity, provided that no part of the Parkmall Better Dance Jingle is edited out. The entire jingle should be played both in the video entries during the Grand Finals Night performances.

>All valid entries will be uploaded on the Parkmall Facebook page on June 23 for the online voting until June 29, 2018. Only Likes and Love reactions from the public will count as votes. These votes will form 60% of the groups’ total scores for the eliminations. The remaining 40% will be scored by the Parkmall Management Office representatives guided by the following criteria for judging:
Online votes – 60%
(Like/Love reactions on post)
Concept & Creativity – 15%
(Choreography, Originality, Entertainment Value)
Performance & Execution – 15%
(Synchronization, Showmanship, Projection)
Relevance to the theme – 10%
(Jingle lyrics & Made in Cebu concept)

>The five groups garnering the highest scores will be announced on Parkmall’s Facebook page on June 30 and will perform live on July 7 during the Grand Finals Night.

>The Top 5 groups will perform live during the finals. They may include additional dance moves or change their choreography as long as they still perform the full Parkmall dance jingle. All scores will go back to zero.

Criteria of judging will be as follows:

Concept & Creativity – 30%
Performance & Execution – 30%
Stage Presence & Audience Impact – 20%
Relevance to the theme – 20%

 Disqualification: Only video entries complying with the above competition rules will be accepted. Employees of Golden Great Value Properties, Inc./Parkmall, including the current dance fitness instructors are disqualified from joining this competition.

Top 5 (from online voting) – Php 2,000 cash each
Grand Champion – Php 10,000 cash
1st Runner-Up – Php 6,000 cash
2nd Runner-Up – Php 3,000 cash
Consolation Prizes – Php 1,000 cash each

Tara na, apil na! 

Parkmall Jingle Dance Competition