Parkmall’s Pet Festival Philippines was never meant for just show and promotion since it was conceived for the initial purpose to uphold advocacies centered for responsible pet ownership and to unite pet lovers and enthusiasts in one venue. To make this initiative more purposeful, Parkmall partnered with government agencies and groups that share the same love and advocacy for animals, one of which is its long-time partner, the Island Rescue Organization (IRO).

This year’s Pet Festival Philippines last May 16-26 may have come to an end, but Parkmall’s pet-loving activities doesn’t stop there.

On June 1, Parkmall employees came together to volunteer at the Camp IRO shelter in Guba, Talamban. It was a whole day of cleaning up, bathing the dogs, preparing their meals, and building a new cattery for the boarding of rescued cats. It was a day full of wagging tails and admiring meows.

Parkmall extends its gratitude to the Pet Festival Philippines’ partner brands and registrants from the different Pet Fest activities who have contributed to the donation for Camp IRO and its volunteers. Parkmall is especially grateful for the Island Rescue Organization for handing the opportunity to give back and live its purpose.