Cebu’s biggest Halloween costume PAWty for pets is here! Bring your pets and spook them up as we bring you a PETrifying event this Halloween for you and your cute furballs! 🦄🐯🦁

This is an OPEN THEME competition, so get creative and imaginative when dressing up your buddy! Go villains or go fairy tale, think festive or go scary! The pets with the best costumes will win cash prizes and more! 🎃💀🤖

Registration is only at P100 and part of the proceeds will be donated to the Island Rescue Organization, so not only will you be having a fun time with your furbabies, you’ll also be contributing to a great cause 💚

Registration ends on October 25, so head on to the Concierge desk located at the Atrium Indoor Park to have your pets registered.

1.This Halloween Petrifying Pawty: Halloween Costume Competition for Pets is open to all dogs and cats with Parkmall Pet Pass ID and of good health that are not pregnant, in heat or diagnosed with a contagious disease.

2.Registration is open starting October 13 until 7PM of October 25, 2018. To register, pet owners must fill up the form and present the following at the Parkmall Concierge desk:
– Pet’s valid Parkmall Regular Pet Pass ID
– Owner’s valid ID
– Registration fee* of Php100
*Fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. No entries will be accepted after 7PM of October 25.

3.There are two categories: pets only, and pets with handler. All participants must choose only one category per registered pet.

4.All participants must be in the event holding area by 4PM of October 28, 2018.

1. Categories: Pets only and Pets with handler.
2. Characters: Participants are required to select one
3. Allowed costumes and props. Pets and Handlers should come in their costumes or outfits. Arcs, carts or floats are only allowed for pets. All props should pose no danger for the pets and must have a maximum height of 2ft over the pet’s height. Props should fit the runway; otherwise, they will not be allowed in the competition.
4. Handlers. Only one handler is allowed on the runway. Each handler must accompany only one pet throughout the competition. Handlers under Pets with Handler category are expected to also be in costume in line with the theme while those under the Pets Only category must be in plain black shirt. Handlers must at least be 18 years old.
5. All registered participants must be in the holding area by 4:00PM of October 28, 2018. The show will start at exactly 5:00 PM. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify late participants. All costume and/or prop preparations must be done before start of program.
6. Pets should be comfortable in their costumes and props during the show. The pet contestant is expected to walk the runway or stay in the prop designed as part of its costume. Pets who refuse to “perform” during the competition may be carried by the handler but may result in point deductions.
7. Criteria for judging:
Adherence to the theme – 30%
Are the participants wearing a costume inspired by the theme?
Creativity- 30%
Is the costume eye-catching and distinct from that of other contestants?
Is the mix and match of design, accessories and props cohesive?
Effort – 20%
Intricacy of design; Quality execution of details in the costume and props
Overall Appeal – 20%

8.Awards and prizes
Pets Only
Grand Winner – Php 3,000 cash, certificate and freebies
1st Runner Up – Php 2,000 cash, certificate and freebies
2nd Runner Up – Php 1,000 cash, certificate and freebies

Pets with Handler Category
Grand Winner – Php 3,000 cash, certificate and freebies
1st Runner Up – Php 2,000 cash, certificate and freebies
2nd Runner Up – Php 1,000 cash, certificate and freebies

In case of any discrepancies or ties, the judges will have the final decision.

9. All Parkmall employees, its affiliates, tenants, advertising agencies and sponsors up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are not qualified to win in this contest.

10. All rules and guidelines must be strictly observed by the participants. Parkmall has the right to disqualify those who do not follow the rules and guidelines given.

Disclaimer: Petrifying Pawty: Halloween Costume Competition for Pets aims to enlist at least 10 pet participants per category. Should there be less than 10 pets registered by October 25, 2018, the organizer has the sole right and option to cancel the whole event.